Surgical Mask with Shield

Surgical masks with a transparent shield attached are known as surgical face masks with visors or surgical face shields. The transparent shield is an anti-fog visor that provides a clear field of vision for the wearer.

The primary purposes of these masks are:

  1. Eye Protection: The attached visor provides protection for the eyes, ensuring that splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids do not come in contact with the eyes. This is particularly useful during medical procedures that may involve fluids.
  2. Face Protection: Apart from covering the mouth and nose like traditional surgical masks, the shield also covers a significant portion of the face, providing an added layer of protection against potential contaminants.
  3. Clear Communication: The transparent shield allows for better non-verbal communication, as facial expressions can be seen clearly. This is crucial in medical settings where visual cues can be as important as verbal communication.

These masks are commonly used during surgical procedures and in other settings where there might be a risk of splashing or spraying of fluids. They are particularly popular among dentists and oral surgeons but are also used in various other medical and healthcare scenarios.


Additional information






Pleated, With Shield, With Ties


3 Ply Non-woven, Plastic


Blue, White


Adult: 17.5*9.5CM



Filtration Performance

Type IIR


50pieces/box, 2000pieces/ctn

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