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Quality medical supplies for healthcare professionals. From masks to hospital furniture, we’ve got you covered.

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morntrip surgical masks

Medical Masks

Certified to EU's EN14683 and US's ASTM F2100 standards, our medical masks boast a daily output of 3 million pieces. Trusted as an OEM partner by leading medical brands globally.

Disposable Headwear

Comprehensive head protection with our range of disposable caps, goggles, and beard covers, ensuring safety and hygiene in medical environments.

Medical Protective Clothing

From disposable gowns to coveralls, our medical clothing meets the highest standards. Our gowns are AAMI-level approved in the US, and our coveralls are CE certified, adhering to the EN14126 standard.

Medical Gloves

With over two decades in the medical sector, our gloves are backed by renowned domestic medical enterprises. Exported for their high quality to Europe and the US.

Other Medical Supplies

Complete your medical protective gear with our shoe/boot covers, disposable bed sheet and an array of essential hospital supplies, ensuring comprehensive safety in healthcare settings.

Medical PPE

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