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Welcome to Morntrip, your global partner in supplying Personal Protective Equipment and medical supplies. Since our inception in 2015, we’ve been relentlessly pursuing one goal: to streamline the procurement of PPE and medical supplies around the globe. 

At Morntrip, we specialize in providing products across four core areas:

  1. Industrial Protection: Our range includes everything from disposable respirators to protective clothing and a variety of industrial rubber gloves.
  2. Medical Supplies: This covers essential items such as disposable masks, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, CPE gowns, surgical kits and first aid kits, and even hospital furniture.
  3. Food Industry: Our product offerings also include disposable caps, beard covers, shoe covers, and TPEgloves, ensuring the highest level of hygiene.
  4. SPA and Beauty products: We also cater to the beauty sector, providing disposable underwear, disposable sauna clothing, towels, and much more.
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But why choose Morntrip as your PPE and medical supply partner?

  1. Industry Expertise: With over a decade in the PPE and medical device industry, we offer more than products – we understand your requirements intimately and are committed to providing optimal solutions tailored to your needs.
  2. Global Reach: With partnerships spanning over 120 countries, our breadth of experience allows us to create customized solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  3. Cost Advantage: We have robust supply chain integration and close relationships with manufacturers in China, enabling us to control costs while ensuring compliance with quality standards of CN, EU, UK,US, etc.
  4. Experience with Large Clients: We’ve serviced renowned companies like ARCO from UK and Cofra from Italy, showcasing our ability to fulfill the stringent procurement needs of major corporations.
  5. Bidding and Bulk Procurement Ability: We adeptly manage complex bids, from serving European governments to hospital systems in Peru and Spain, all while maximizing client profits. We handle centralized orders, even exceeding 250 SKUs, always delivering quality on schedule.
  6. Support & Training System: Our dedicated team is ready to assist you round the clock. Plus, we offer a comprehensive product training system and resources to boost your sales.
  7. Unmatched After-sales Service: At Morntrip, after-sales isn’t the end of a transaction but the beginning of a partnership. We strive to create win-win situations, prioritizing value creation for our customers.

Embedded in our values of integrity, achievement, collaboration, and execution, Morntrip’s mission is to serve as a reliable bridge between Chinese manufacturers and the world. Our aim is to simplify your buying process, making each transaction more efficient and profitable.

our Development

Always Improving To Stay Competitive

In the last decades, we have made significant strides, importing cutting-edge fabric production technology, expanding our facilities, and achieving impressive sales and production milestones.

Family Mask Workshop
Before 2004
A Family Workshop

In our early days as a small family workshop, our unwavering commitment to honesty and high production quality helped us build a strong foundation.

2004 - 2014
Domestic Trading

In 2004, we embarked on a new journey, moving into our production base on Pengchang Avenue. Our business in China rapidly accelerated, allowing us to handle numerous orders from exporting companies each year.

Front Door of the Former Factory
Wuhan Office Opening Ceremony
Wuhan Office - Morntrip

Our factory is located in Pengchang, a small town where English is not commonly spoken. To facilitate our import business, we opened an office in Wuhan, the provincial capital, which is just a one-hour drive from our factory.

2017 - 2019
New Production Base

In 2017, we imported an advanced fabric production line from Japan, allowing us to manufacture SMS, spun-bond, and melt-blown fabrics. The following year, we expanded with state-of-the-art workshops covering 50,000 sq.m, and our workforce grew to 300. By 2019, we achieved annual sales of 200 million RMB, producing over 7,000 tons of fabric and delivering monthly in 30+ containers

New Non-woven Fabric Production Line
Face Masks Arrived in Saudi Arabia
2020 - Now
Practice social responsibility

In February 2020, we were among the initial group of mask suppliers chosen to aid in epidemic prevention.

We were also one of the first factories listed on the white list for exporting non-medical and medical masks. Since then, we have supplied billions of medical masks to institutions and companies worldwide.

Manufacturing Facilities

Production Environment​

Nestled in Xiantao, the heart of the domestic non-woven industry, our expansive manufacturing facilities sprawl over 50,000 square meters, empowering us to meet diverse production needs while maintaining exceptional quality standards.
Fabric Production

Equipped with an advanced material production line, we are capable of manufacturing a wide range of high-quality fabrics, including SMS, spun-bond, and melt-blown materials

Clothing Sewing Workshop​

With our high-capacity face mask production line, we have the capability to manufacture millions of top-quality masks per day, ensuring a steady supply of reliable protection.

Face Mask Production

With 80 machines, our mask production lines deliver high-volume output to meet the demands of OEM partners, ensuring a reliable supply of quality masks.


Our lab conducts rigorous quality control processes, ensuring high standards are maintained at every stage of production, guaranteeing the reliability and excellence of our products.

Production Capacity

Maximum Daily Manufacturing Capabilities

Morntrip has a triple spinneret SMS non-woven fabric production line that can produce over 7,000 tons of non-woven fabrics annually. Medical masks are made on automatic production lines with a daily output of 5 million pieces, and protective respirators can reach a daily output of 300,000 pieces. In addition, the clothing production line has at least 60 skilled workers, with a daily sewing output of 30,000 pieces.

Medical Masks​
3999 K+
Protective Clothing
10 K+
Protective Respirators​
100 K+
Chemical Gloves
0 K+
Quality Control

Certifications and Quality Control


Our commitment to quality is reflected in our certifications, including the medical device production license, ISO 13485, and CE. Our masks have passed testing against EU and US standards such as EN14683 and ASTM F2100, protective clothing has undergone extensive testing to meet Type 4, 5, and 6 standards.

Quality Control

We ensure top-quality products by implementing rigorous quality control processes, including production environment management, incoming material inspection, three quality inspections before, during, and after production, and firmness inspection after packaging.

Customers' Reviews

What Our Client Says

The quality of the product is superb as usual. Sunny Sun, is very helpful and always gives her best effort in ensuring the job is done in good time and in her best interests. Very professional and great communication, a pleasure to work with.


United Kingdom

The supplier’s service to the clients are so good, best. Moreover, the knowledge and experiment of the masks are so helpful to choose the right masks for the clients among the many kinds of masks. Of course, the kind and professional respond was the best. She is a professional of professionals.


South Korea

it’s very important to know that this supplier is more than willing go along way toward your satisfaction on purchasing process. we are overly thankful about their great approach to process. you can prefer their products by inner peace. they are also closely associated with post sale follow up.


United States

We are extremely happy with the product. The company is easy to communicate with and has no problem understanding. Everything arrived early. Very professional. We are great partners. We look forward to our next order.

United States

This is our first time to bought product from Alibaba. Wuhan Morntrip Trading is an excellent supplier who support us in everything and do whatever we want. We appreciate the things you do so much indeed.


It is the best provider I have ever worked with. Professional and totally personalized treatment. The quality of their products is impressive. They really care about their customers. I will continue to work with them in whatever way I can.


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