Disposable Medical Mask & Disposable Microporous Coverall

More than 3 million pieces of non-medical & medical mask will be produced and delivered to Europe and Amercia everyday. Industrial use coverall production has been resumed from the epidemic since May, max output reached 50,000 pieces/day.
Disposable Medical Mask
Have got China government's white lists for exporting both non-medical & medical face masks, our surgical face mask also got authorized by Canada government. We also provide medical mask for kids and children. For epidemic, flu or virus protection, we also got non-medical mask & n95 mask.
Disposable Microporous Coverall
Microporous material is PP nonwoven laminated with microporous film, recommended for industrial use, ideal for particle and liquid splash protection. We also provide non woven coverall, hospital coverall, industrials coverall, surgical coverall


Morntrip has more than 20 years’ experience of manufacturing non-woven products, from raw material to finished products, such as spunbond, meltblown, SMS, disposable face mask, medical gowns, coverall, lab coat...


Wuhan Morntrip Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xiantao Tongda Non-Woven Products Co., Ltd. Founded in 1998, our factory located in Xiantao city, a world  famous production base of non-woven products just like surgical mask, face mask disposable, medical mask, Isolation gown, coverall 


Over 6,000 square metre modernized new dust free workshops were put into production in 2018, now our total production bases are more than 60,000 square metre. 
SMS Non-Woven Fabric Machine was imported from Japan in 2017, which can produce spunbond(PP), meltblown and SMS material, monthly output more than 400 tons.
In 2017, Ultrasonic Sealing Machines have been introduced in clothing production, protection level of our protective clothing have been upgraded since then.
Certificated with CE, ISO 13485 and FDA, our products also approved tests by NELSON, SGS and other CNAS/CMA labs.



SMS Fabric Making Machine
Nonwoven Fabric Warehouse
Polypropylene Granule Warehouse
Face Mask Production Line
Face Mask Production Line
Face Mask Semi-finished Area
Face Mask Production Line
Face Mask Production Line
Face Mask Production Machine
Face Mask Production Line
Face Mask Production Line
Medical Mask Customer view
What our customers say
Zeeshan, United Kingdom
    
Product was designed to specifications as discussed. After some issues, we have ironed these out and these samples were made as per the agreed specification. As usual 10/10 service!
Fernando, Chile
    
The coveralls have very good quality. The shipping was on time and the most important for us…the staff is very friendly.
Fernando, Chile
    
We are extremely happy with the product. The company is easy to communicate and no problem understanding. Everything arrived early. Very prfessional. 



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