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Morntrip has advanced machinery to produce over 7,000 tons of non-woven fabrics every year. We can supply 5 million surgical masks and 300,000 protective respirators daily. Our clothing line has 60 skilled workers who sew 30,000 pieces each day.

morntrip surgical masks

Surgical Mask

3999 K+

Our factory features 80 automatic face mask-making machines, capable of producing up to 5 million surgical masks daily.

Morntrip Protective Respirators
N95 Mask
100 K+

Our supply chain factory holds NIOSH N95 and FDA 510K certificates, with the capability to produce 300,000 N95 masks daily.

morntrip protective-clothing
Protective Clothing
10 K+

Our protective clothing line employs over 60 skilled workers, producing 30,000 pieces daily. With CE Type 4/5/6, and EN14126 standards.

NR-33-chemical resistant nitrile gloves
Industrial Gloves
0 K+

We can supply approximately 10,000 pairs of industrial rubber gloves daily, ranking us high among competitors. Ensures demand for rapid shipments.

Business We Support

Meeting Diverse Needs: Our Expertise Tailored for Every Buyer, from Small Businesses to Large Enterprises.

Small Business

We understand the unique needs of small businesses, such as e-commerce sellers. Our approach includes personalized recommendations and optimal supply chain solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your growth and success.

Medium to Large Business

Our approach is all about efficiency and organization. We use a team-based strategy to ensure every step of our collaboration is smooth and effectively managed, guaranteeing top-notch service tailored to your extensive needs.

Bidding Orders

Our extensive experience with bidding orders, particularly for hospitals, large enterprises, and airlines across Europe, Asia, and Africa, positions us as a trusted partner in managing and fulfilling large-scale, competitive bids with precision and efficiency.

OEM Customers

Our extensive experience enables us to seamlessly handle OEM customization services and complex requirements for our customers. We turn your ideas into real products. We turn customers' ideas into real products, helping create their own brand.

Our Advantages

With over 20 years of PPE industry experience, we understand the entire supply chain and know which suppliers excel in specific products. This allows us to efficiently handle mixed orders for multiple products.

PP nonwoven fabric machine morntrip

Supply Chain

With more than 20 years in PPE supply chain management, we can skillfully coordinate and use resources to meet large needs for production, compliance certification, and OEM services. No matter the size or complexity of the order, we always find the right solutions for our clients.

Morntrip sales team Wuhan

Professional Team

Every member of our team undergoes systematic training and must pass assessments before handling export orders, ensuring professional service. Our export team members each have over 5 years of experience in foreign trade. They are multilingual and skilled at navigating complex international markets, effectively meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

morntrip service


We offer 24/7 rapid response to ensure timely communication across all time zones, preventing delays and facilitating smooth interactions. We keep clients informed at every key stage of their orders, from fabric arrival to final packing. We also support third-party inspections or remote video verifications at each stage, ensuring transparency and quality.


We provide comprehensive support including product training, OEM design assistance, and marketing materials to boost your sales. Our extensive after-sales support and sales training experience empower new industry entrants with better product and market understanding. We also assist in enhancing clients' supply chains, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the market.

How we control quality

We have our own laboratory, enabling us to conduct quality control at any stage of production, anytime and anywhere.


Evaluation System

Our procurement evaluation system systematically assesses suppliers based on their cooperation level, product quality, on-time delivery rate, after-sales service, and price. We update this evaluation data quarterly to ensure the stability of our supply chain

own laboratory-morntrip

own laboratory

We have our own physicochemical laboratory, which allows us to conduct quality inspections at every stage of an order, eliminating any potential quality issues during production.

Production processing-QC

QC System

We accept third-party quality inspections, and remote video verifications by clients. Our QC system requires strict quality checks at critical stages such as fabric arrival, cutting, and sewing, ensuring every order meets client specifications.

Medical PPE

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Medical PPE

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