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One-Stop Safety & PPE Supplies Sourcing Solutions

At Morntrip, we specialize in the supply chain management of various PPE supplies, backed by over 20 years of expertise in the medical consumables and PPE industry.


From head to toe, we offer a full range of protective products to meet your purchasing requirements for PPE supplies. With a trusted network of manufacturers and suppliers, we can meet your expectations for competitive prices, low MOQs, and fast delivery.


Our extensive export experience allows us to navigate international compliance and certification requirements, delivering tailored solutions to customers in over 130 countries. Simplify your PPE supplies procurement process with Morntrip, minimize costs, and enhance efficiency now.

Safety & PPE Supplies​

Regulatory Choosing the right PPE is vital to every safety program. Ensuring the PPE you choose is comfortable and right for the hazard and job, while still meeting regulatory requirements, is key. Whether it is OSHA, ANSI or ISEA, we will help you meet the standards and requirements that impact your business, while choosing the best PPE for your environment.

Head/Hair Protection

Protect your team with our innovative, lightweight, and breathable hard hats that offer maximum comfort and safety.

Eye&Face Protection

Choose from our stocked goggles, safety glasses, and face shields to provide comprehensive protection for eye and face safety.

Respiratory Protection

Safeguard against airborne hazards with our range of high-quality respirators, ensuring peace of mind in any environment.

Hearing Protection

Defend against occupational noise with our comfortable and versatile earplugs and earmuffs, designed for optimal hearing protection.

Hand & Arm Protection

Ensure safety with our selection of comfortable and durable gloves and arm guards designed for various industries and applications.

Mechanic Protective Clothing​

Protective Clothing

Our range of protective clothing offers ease, comfort, and robust protection for a variety of workplace hazards.

Foot & Leg Protection

Keep your workers safe with our durable and reliable boots and leg guards, suitable for all working conditions.

other PPE supplies

Discover our extensive selection of additional PPE supplies, ensuring complete safety coverage for your team.

How Our Ppe & Safety Supplies Service Works

1. Requirements Assessment

Identify the specific usage scenarios and safety needs of your clients.

2. Product Selection

Offer tailored solutions and select the appropriate products based on the identified usage scenarios.

3. Quotation & Details

Discuss and finalize product details, then provide a preliminary quotation.

4. Sample Production

Create samples based on the finalized product details for client review.

5. Feedback & Adjustments

Adjust product details, design, and pricing based on feedback from the samples.

6. Bulk Order Placement

Finalize and place the bulk order for PPE supplies.

Medical PPE

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