Machine Made Beard Cover



A beard cover, also referred to as a beard mask or net is used to cover and contain facial hair. It is commonly used in industries where it’s essential to maintain hygiene and prevent any contamination. Here are its primary uses:

Food Processing & Catering Industry: Employees working in food preparation, packaging, or processing areas often wear beard covers to prevent hair from falling into the food and contaminating it.

Medical Settings: In sterile environments like operating rooms, medical professionals might wear beard covers along with masks to ensure no contaminants enter open wounds or surgical sites.

Manufacturing: In manufacturing facilities, especially those that produce sensitive equipment or products, beard covers might be used to prevent any potential contamination from hair.

Laboratory Settings: Lab workers might use them to avoid contaminating experiments or sensitive processes.

Overall, a beard cover is a hygiene tool used to ensure that facial hair does not contaminate a product or environment.

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Medical, Catering Industry, Food Processing




Machine Made


PP Nonwoven


Blue, White





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