Private Label & Packaging Solutions

Stand out with custom branding! We offer personalized logo printing and unique packaging designs for your products, setting them apart from the competition. Our design team brings you a variety of creative options, and our supply chain expertise ensures competitive pricing for all your manufacturing needs.

Put Your Logo on Products

Elevate your brand identity with our diverse logo application methods, tailored to suit various materials and product types.

Silk Screen Printing​

An affordable and efficient option, ideal for marking on non-woven, plastic, and rubber products. Perfectly suited for a variety of items including masks, protective clothing, plastic restaurant bibs, and industrial rubber gloves.

Apply Stickers

For materials like thin plastic films, microporous films, and SMS where silk screen printing isn't feasible, we can use custom-made logo stickers. Then, carefully apply the stickers to the products, ensuring brand presence is more delicate.

Ultrasonic Embossing

Top recommendation for disposable medical masks. We employ ultrasonic embossing with a specialized logo roller integrated into the production line, offering a seamless way to add your custom logo for a distinctive, professional look.

Inkjet printer

Ideal for adding fine details like production dates, batch numbers, and expiry dates on packaging. While this method offers high precision, it's a premium option best suited for clients with a more flexible budget.

Various Packaging Solutions​

Customize your packaging to make your products stand out. We offer a range of materials and designs to suit your branding needs.

Plastic Packing Bags

Choose from materials like OPP, PE, and other plastics for your packaging needs. Silk screen printing brings your designs to life. Aircraft holes, zip locks, and other ideas that can help retail are also available.


Paper-made Packaging Box

Perfectly suited for masks, caps, and disposable gloves. Boxes not only ensure product protection but also act as a powerful medium for showcasing your brand. With striking designs, these boxes can elevate your brand’s presence in the market.

Corrugated Cartons

This is the most common external packaging for export, cartons can be customized with your logo and company information. They’re ideal for cargo management in containers, warehouses, and ports, while promoting your brand.

Medical PPE

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