Flexible Payment Solutions for Business Growth

Our varied payment options, from traditional to digital methods, are tailored to accelerate your business growth while easing cash flow concerns, especially vital in the post-2021 business landscape.

Regular Payment Terms


T/T, or wire transfer, is a classic and widely trusted payment method in the import-export sector, preferred by over 90% of businesses. It’s best suited for companies with a stable financial standing. Our common practice involves a 30% deposit followed by a 70% payment before shipment, aligning with industry norms for secure and straightforward transactions.

Credit Card Payment

Our credit card payments are processed through Alibaba.com’s Trade Assurance orders, perfect for clients with tight finances or individual importers.

Mobile Payment Options

Featuring instant payment platforms like PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay, our mobile payment solutions are perfect for sample orders. Their immediate processing accelerates sample preparation and delivery, paving the way for quicker bulk order progression.

Credit Payment Terms


L/C, Letter of Credit, a crucial risk management tool in international trade. While its higher costs and intricate procedures might be challenging for many suppliers, our expertise in handling L/C collections stands out. Coupled with China Credit Insurance for background investigation, we confidently offer L/C payment terms to our customers, ensuring secure and reliable transactions.


O/A, or Open Account, is offered to our long-term and trusted customers. It’s especially helpful for large orders that can cause cash flow issues. This payment method is supported by the financing services of China Credit Insurance. It requires a thorough review of qualifications and following strict compliance to make sure transactions are safe and go smoothly.
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