Household Rubber Gloves

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Household Gloves

Various chemicals can be used during housekeeping, such as detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, bleach, stain remover… But not all of them can direct contact with our skin. Household gloves with longer sleeves, and proper thickness can protect our arms and hands.

Unlike the chemical industry, housekeeping can rarely use highly corrosive chemicals such as strong acids and alkalis. So, household rubber gloves pay more attention to the balance between product performance and cost-effectiveness, which is our supply chain advantage.

Recommended Rubber Gloves

F-2 household rubber gloves


Flock-lined, natural latex made. Offering good protection against chemicals in daily life, like all kinds of cleansers. Comfort and flexibility to wear in daily housekeeping.

NR-33-chemical resistant nitrile gloves


NR-33 feels soft and comfortable to wear. Made of nitrile, NR-33 features anti-skid, flexible operation, and acid-alkali resistance functions. And they can also resist oily chemicals. A contoured shape reduces hand fatigue

D-2D heavy duty working gloves


Thick enough to resist wear and puncture. With excellent softness and extensibility. Dipped flock inner, diamond texture surface is chlorination-treated. Suitable for chemicals like common detergent, grease...

LC-D20-chemical rubber gloves


LC-D20 is manufactured by a full-automatic production line. It’s versatile in laboratory, construction, butchery, farm, fishing, etc... With a natural flock liner inside, diamond pattern grip and gauntlet beaded cuff.

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