Chemical Resistant Rubber Gloves

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Chemical Resistant Gloves

Made from natural latex, chemical resistant gloves usually have high levels of tensile strength, elasticity, and temperature resistance. They can protect against 90% of chemicals used in the chemical industry, such as acids, alkalis, salts, ketones, and formaldehyde. Latex chemical gloves can also resist abrasions caused by grinding and polishing perfectly.

For protection from oily chemicals, when latex rubber is not suitable, we can also choose nitrile gloves, like our NR-33 nitrile gloves.

Recommended Gloves for Chemical

Highly recommend HC, H1, GU series, and LC-D20, NR-33 model gloves to handle chemicals.

HC-40-chemical proof gloves

HC Series​

Unlined, chlorinated, manufactured and inspected under EN388 and EN374. Designed for high-risk applications. Strong protection against ketones, detergents, alcohols, and alkalis used in heavy duty work.

H1-45-chemical resistant gloves

H1 Series

H1 series of gloves are made of latex, soft, comfortable, anti-skid, flexible operation, and acid and alkali resistance. Designed for high-risk applications. With a smooth finish palm and orange flock liner.

GU-45-chemical gloves

GU Series

GU series have excellent air tightness, abrasion resistance, enhanced flexibility, and clear palm print. This series also has an excellent protection effect against chemicals, and its contoured shape reduces hand fatigue.

LC-D20-chemical rubber gloves


LC-D20 is manufactured by a full-automatic production line. It’s versatile in laboratory, construction, butchery, farm, fishing, etc... With a natural flock liner inside, diamond pattern grip and gauntlet beaded cuff.

NR-33-chemical resistant nitrile gloves


NR-33 feels soft and comfortable to wear. Made of nitrile, NR-33 features anti-skid, flexible operation, and acid-alkali resistance functions. And they can also resist oily chemicals. A contoured shape reduces hand fatigue

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