China’s Top 10 Medical Mask Brands of 2022

In recent years, the global pandemic has significantly influenced our daily lives, instigating a wave of concern worldwide. Essential protective gear, including medical masks, surgical masks, KN95 masks, N95 masks, and FFP2 masks, have become a part of our everyday attire.

This surge in demand has prompted numerous companies to venture into the face mask industry. As a result, a plethora of medical mask brands have emerged in China, each vying for a share of this booming market. The list of top brands has seen a dynamic shift over the past few years, reflecting the competitive nature of this industry.

Despite the rapid changes, a select few brands have managed to consistently secure their position at the top. In this article, we delve into the top 10 medical mask brands in China for 2022, presented in no particular order:

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1. 3M(China) – A Global Leader in N95 Masks

      • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
      • Location: Shenzhen
      • Founded: 1984
      • Employees: 2000-2999 (China Mainland Only)
      • Main Products: Personal Protective Equipment (including 3M face masks & respirators), 3M Protective Clothing, Auto Accessories (like Paint Protection Films), Daily Chemical Products (like Adhesives)…
      • Certificates: NIOSH N95, FDA…
      • Main Market: China Mainland, EU, USA, and more.


    3M China, established in 1984, is a subsidiary of the globally recognized 3M Corporation. As a diversified technology innovator, 3M’s products and technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives. Over the past century, 3M has developed an impressive portfolio of over 60,000 products, spanning from household goods to medical products and personal protective equipment, and extending to sectors such as transportation, construction, business, education, electronics, and communications.

    The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a global panic, catapulting 3M’s NIOSH-approved N95 masks and respirators into high demand. The trust consumers place in the 3M brand is immeasurable.

    However, 3M’s popularity has also led to its imitation by other PPE manufacturers, resulting in a proliferation of counterfeit 3M products worldwide. Customers should remain vigilant about this issue.



    2. Jmian – The Go-To Brand for Custom-Printed Surgical Masks in China

        • Type: Trading Company, Retailer
        • Location: Wuhan, China
        • Founded: 2016
        • Employees: 50-99
        • Main Products: Medical Masks, Surgical Masks, Custom Printed Masks, NIOSH N95 Masks, KN95 and KF94 Masks
        • Certificates: NIOSH N95, FDA…
        • Main Market: China Mainland

      Established in 2016, Jmian may be a young brand, but it has quickly risen to prominence in the healthcare product market. With a team experienced in online healthcare product sales, Jmian combines innovative internet strategies with strong execution. Within just a year of operation, Jmian became the top surgical mask brand on In 2020, they began supplying AliHealth with a variety of face masks, including surgical masks, NIOSH-approved N95 masks, KN95 masks, KF94 masks, and FFP2 masks.

      Despite the highly competitive face mask market in China since 2020, Jmian has achieved remarkable success in a short time. Key factors contributing to their rapid rise include:

      1. Strategic Focus: Jmian chose to specialize in custom face masks, distinguishing themselves from traditional non-woven mask providers.
      2. Ambition and Execution: The team’s strong drive and effective execution have been instrumental in their success.
      3. Quality Manufacturing: Jmian partners with the professional Morntrip mask factory for OEM production.
      4. Understanding the Market: Jmian caters to the needs of young people who seek both protection and personal expression.
      5. Innovation: Jmian frequently launches new designs, offering hundreds of options featuring holiday themes, cartoons, cityscapes, plants/animals, and cultural motifs.
      6. Quality Control: Jmian maintains strict quality control measures to ensure product reliability.

      As Jmian’s OEM factory, Morntrip has a comprehensive mask production supply chain. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing medical masks, Morntrip holds CE and ISO 13485 certifications, among others.


      3. Winner – A Leading Name in China’s Medical Industry

          • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
          • Location: Shenzhen
          • Founded: 2000
          • Employees: 700-799
          • Main Products: Medical Protective Clothing, Masks, Ready-to-Wear, Baby Care Products…
          • Certificates: CE, FDA, ISO 13485…
          • Main Market: Mainland China, USA, EU

        Winner Medical, an A-share listed company in China, operates a diverse business portfolio encompassing medical and health, personal care, home care, maternal and child care, home textiles, and apparel. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, Winner Medical has established three major brands: “Winner Medical”, “Purcotton Cotton”, and “PureH2B”, achieving coordinated growth across the medical and consumer sectors.

        For many years, Winner has been outsourcing the production of their medical face masks to our Xiantao factory. They consistently opt for multi-layer, high filtering efficiency melt-blown fabric, brand-new materials, and wide ear loops. As a result, their masks offer a high level of protection and have gained significant popularity in China. A search for surgical masks on will invariably show Winner among the top sellers.

        Winner has maintained a close partnership with the Morntrip factory for many years before the pandemic. The masks we manufacture for them typically feature a high filtration efficiency inner layer, an improved nose bridge, and wider ear loops.

        4. Zhende – Renowned for High-Quality, Cost-Effective Face Masks

            • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
            • Location: Shaoxing
            • Founded: 1994
            • Employees: 1000-1999
            • Main Products: Medical Consumables (Alcohol Pads, Dressings, Bandages, Iodophor, Medical Tapes, Surgical Masks)…
            • Certificates: CE, FDA, ISO 13485…
            • Main Market: Mainland China, EU, USA, and more.

          Zhende, another A-share listed company in China, is a leading supplier of medical healthcare products and protective equipment. Their product range encompasses basic dressings, wound care, surgical infection control, home care, sports protective products, disinfection, and cleaning products…

          In China, Zhende is particularly known for its non-woven disposable face masks. These masks, often individually wrapped, meet China’s medical or surgical standards and can filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

          Notably, during the initial stages of the pandemic when the demand for masks was at its peak, Zhende and Winner were the only two brands that could consistently supply surgical masks across the country.


          5. CM(Chaomei) – A Top Choice for Protective Respirators in China

              • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
              • Location: Jiande
              • Founded: 2004
              • Employees: 50-99
              • Main Products: Surgical Masks, EN149/EN14683 Standard Masks or Respirators…
              • Certificates: CE, FDA
              • Main Market: Mainland China, EU, USA

            Established in 2004, Chaomei is a renowned manufacturer of professional dustproof PPE respirators in China. It is a modern enterprise specializing in independent research and development, testing, and manufacturing of a wide range of dustproof and medical masks. This includes industrial occupational protective masks, medical protective masks, and civilian PM2.5 protection masks.

            CM, one of Chaomei’s brands, ranks among the top 10 medical mask brands in China. However, unlike Zhende and Winner, CM specializes more in respirators than non-woven medical masks.

            CM used to outsource the manufacturing of their medical disposable masks to our mask factory. Primarily sold in mainland China, CM masks are designed to meet the discerning needs of domestic consumers. They typically feature multiple layers, at least 95% filtration efficiency, wider ear loops for comfort, and individual wrapping for easy portability.

            In 2020, the Chaomei brand experienced a significant surge in popularity. Their presence was notably prominent at the Shanghai Labor Insurance Exhibition that year, with advertisements prominently displayed throughout the venue.

            6. Chaoya – Pioneering Creative Marketing Strategies for Medical Masks

                • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
                • Location: Zhengzhou, China
                • Founded: 2009
                • Employees: 100-199
                • Main Products: Custom Printed Medical Masks…
                • Certificates: CE
                • Main Market: Mainland China

              Established in 2009, Chaoya is a large-scale medical device supplier in China. As a high-tech enterprise, they specialize in the production of medicine, medical devices, and functional heating products.

              What sets Chaoya apart from other surgical mask manufacturers in China is their innovative approach to marketing. They collaborate with popular intellectual properties, such as Doraemon and The Little Prince, to print these beloved characters on their masks. This unique strategy has made their disposable face masks incredibly popular on

              7. Honeywell(China) – A Global Leader in Protective Respirators

                  • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
                  • Location: Shanghai, China
                  • Founded: 1996
                  • Employees: 600-999
                  • Main Products: KN95 Masks, Various Respirators, Purification Equipment…
                  • Certificates: CE, NIOSH Approved N95 Masks…
                  • Main Market: Mainland China, North America…

                Honeywell, a Fortune Global 500 high-tech enterprise, was established in 1885 and expanded into China in 1935. The company is at the forefront of merging the physical and digital worlds, providing advanced solutions in aviation, building and industrial control technologies, specialty materials, and the Internet of Things.

                In China, Honeywell’s purification equipment, including air purifiers, fresh air systems, and water purifiers, consistently ranks among the top 10 in their respective categories. When it comes to masks, Honeywell has chosen to specialize in protective respirator masks, such as KN95 and N95 masks, often featuring valves. Unlike many competitors, Honeywell has opted not to venture into the surgical mask market, focusing instead on their core strength in high-tech respirators.

                8. 3Q – A Subsidiary of Rizhao Sanqi Medical Making Strides in the Mask Industry

                    • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
                    • Location: Shandong, China
                    • Founded: 1993
                    • Employees: 200-299
                    • Main Products: Medical Masks, KN95 Masks, N95 Masks…
                    • Certificates: CE, NIOSH-approved N95 Masks…
                    • Main Market: Mainland China

                  3Q is a part of Rizhao Sanqi Medical, a company established in 1993 with a sprawling 42,000 square meter facility and a construction area of 28,600 square meters. Sanqi’s medical products span a wide range, including medical equipment, personal healthcare, professional safety protection, daily household cleaning and hygiene products, biomedicine, and general health. Since 2001, it has earned numerous quality system certifications and product qualification testing and certifications, including ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO11135, CE, FDA, GMP, and more.

                  Interestingly, despite 3Q’s NIOSH N95 certification, their best-selling products are not their N95 masks but their surgical masks. Given the intense competition among mask manufacturers in China, 3Q has recently ventured into the production of custom-printed masks. Their cartoon-printed masks for children have proven to be more popular than their standard masks.

                  9. Powecom – A Subsidiary of Hong Kong Powecom Group Specializing in Protective Equipment

                      • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
                      • Location: Guangzhou, China
                      • Founded: 2009
                      • Employees: 50-99
                      • Main Products: Common Surgical Masks, KN95 Masks, Respirators…
                      • Certificates: CE, NIOSH-approved N95 Masks…
                      • Main Market: Mainland China, EU

                    Powecom, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Powecom Group established in 2009, is a major manufacturer and service provider specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of labor protection equipment, personal protective equipment, and medical consumables. All their products, which include KN95 protective masks, CE protective masks, surgical masks, and disposable masks, are manufactured in mainland China. Their products have passed GB, YY/T, and EN149 certifications (CE certification, certification body CE2834), and some products have met the NIOSH N95 standard. The company has also introduced German melt-blown cloth production equipment, enabling them to produce high-quality melt-blown cloth.

                    10. Cofoe – A Trusted Medical Brand with a Strong Presence in China’s Pharmacies

                        • Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Retailer
                        • Location: Changsha, China
                        • Founded: 2009
                        • Employees: 1000-1999
                        • Main Products: Surgical Masks with Ear Loops, Health Care Products…
                        • Certificates: CE…
                        • Main Market: Mainland China, EU

                      Established in 2009, Cofoe Medical Group is dedicated to providing users with trusted lifelong medical and health products and comprehensive solutions. Cofoe’s product range spans health monitoring, rehabilitation aids, respiratory support, medical care, and traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy. It has grown into a leading enterprise in personal health management throughout the life cycle, integrating research and development, production, sales, and service.

                      In recent years, the ‘Cofoe’ e-commerce transaction index has consistently held a leading position in the medical device category. Additionally, Cofoe has established over 300 self-operated stores of various types in key cities across the country. It is also available in the top 100 chain pharmacies, reaching more than 200,000 pharmacies in China.

                      This list of top brands is a snapshot of the current market, but it’s important to remember that rankings can shift dramatically due to the fierce competition in this sector.

                      As consumers, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest developments in the industry and to choose products that offer the best combination of safety, comfort, and value. Whether you’re looking for masks with high filtration efficiency, unique design elements, or affordability, there’s a brand out there that can meet your needs.

                      Remember, the right mask can make a significant difference in your health and safety. So, do your research, stay updated, and choose wisely.

                      If you found this article helpful, please share it with others who might benefit from this information. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on China’s medical mask industry. Stay safe and stay informed!

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