Shipping & Cargo Consolidation​

We help small and large businesses simplify their logistics with our tailored shipping solutions, and ensure goods delivery efficiently.

Port to Port

Choose our port-to-port service for straightforward delivery to your preferred sea, air, or rail port. Ideal if you can handle your own import and domestic logistics.

Sea Freight

Cost-effective yet slower, sea freight takes 15-40 days from China to your destination port. We offer both LCL and FCL options based on your cargo volume.

Air Freight

Need speed? Air freight delivers from China to your airport in just 2-5 days. Opt for this when time is critical and you need fast delivery.

Railway Freight

A balanced choice for Central Asia and Europe. Enjoy faster delivery than sea freight and more affordability than air, with our China-Europe rail services.

Door to Door

From port to your doorstep or warehouse, including Amazon fulfillment centers. We can handle all shipping and import steps, offering both sea and air options. Very suitable for customers who want to save time and worries or are importing for the first time.

Local Truck Delivery

Affordable and suitable for larger shipments over 3CBM. Delivery time varies based on location and logistics schedules, typically within 3-10 days.

Local Express

Combine fast vessel shipping with local courier delivery for a quicker, cost-effective solution. Ideal for shipments over 50kg.

International Express

For urgent small orders or samples, choose our international express service. Fast and reliable, reaching most destinations within 3-5 days.

Why Our Shipping Services Stand Out?

Competitive Rates: Thanks to our high-volume discounts from international express companies.

Logistics Experience: We handle all kinds of cargo, including hazardous materials like batteries.

After Sales: We offer support and compensation for any lost shipments.T

Cargo Consolidation Services

If you prefer leaving the importing procedures and domestic logistics in your country to your own freight forwarder or custom broker, we can ship the cargo to the sea, air, or railway port designated by you.

Centralize Your Shipments: We gather your goods from multiple suppliers across China, consolidating them into a single container. This approach significantly reduces your transportation costs.

Warehousing Options: Depending on your goods’ volume and purchase amount, we offer both free and paid warehousing services for 30-60 days, providing flexibility and convenience for your logistics needs.

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