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About Us

Why choose Morntrip?

Established in 2004, Morntrip is very professional in manufacturing disposable protective products, especially face masks, dust respirators, and all kinds of protective clothing.

Yes, you are dealing with masters in this field. Need proof? Why don’t you contact us and schedule a Zoom inspection session with us? Now, it is also available to visit our factory in China directly.

  • We are certified with China medical device production license, ISO13485, CE…
  • Morntrip provides you with high-quality protective products, which can meet CN, EU and US standards.
  • Morntrip produces non-woven raw fabric ourselves, which guarantees material quality from the very beginning.
  • Morntrip, as a brand, is always genuine in all our dealings. 

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Hot clothing according to clients' feedback

Wholesale coveralls more than 50,000 pieces each month, here are the coveralls that customers bought the most:
MT2000 Coverall
MT3000 Coverall
Isolation Gown
Lab Coat
CPE Gown

Quality control throughout the whole production process, from the production of raw materials to the processing of the finished products. We want to ensure that the products you received will 100% fulfill your expectation.

Production Processes

How Protective Clothing Are Produced?


Fabric Production

The triple spinneret non-woven production line can produce over 7,000 tons of non-woven fabric for us per year.

Morntrip Physical and Chemical Laboratory


After the material was produced, its weight, length, tensile strength, breaking strength…will be tested in the laboratory.



All the material will be cut into small pieces here, according to sizes and styles.



4-thread sewing & ultrasonic heat welding guarantee seam tightness and strength.



In fact, QC goes through the whole order, including fabric examination, before, during and after sewing, before packing and loading…



This is the process in which customers can choose to stick a logo on the clothing or choose a customized packing bag design.



Our skilled workers can load more goods in the container, meanwhile, they will exchange those damaged packages.



Wuhan is in central China, where airways, railway express, and inland water transportation are meeting here.


Which Material Should We Choose?

Quality materials for optimized protection: polypropylene, SMS, and microporous material are the most commonly used material in producing disposable protective clothing. 

1. Polypropylene

Here polypropylene often refers to spun-bond material, we call it PP. It is an economical solution for protection against non-hazardous, liquids and dust. Ideal for,

  • Warehousing
  • Light duty cleaning
  • General maintenance
  • Domestic DIY
  • Packaging processing
  • Janitorial

PP Material

SMS Material

2. SMS

SMS fabric is one layer of melt-blown polypropylene between two layers of spun-bond polypropylene, which is a lightweight protective material. SMS has excellent breathability to improve comfort and help reduce heat build-up. Protection level of SMS coveralls can reach type 5, type 6 and en1149, which is ideal for,

  • Asbestos inspection/removal
  • Site preparation, insulation
  • Construction Industry: cement manufacturing…
  • Grinding & Polishing
  • Light industrial cleaning
  • Machine maintenance
  • Paint spray& Printing
  • Grinding and fiberglass handling


3. Microporous material

It is one layer of spunbonded polypropylene laminated with a microporous film, we usually call it microporous material in short. The outside microporous film is breathable and offers a good barrier to biological agents, chemicals, and other liquids and particles. MT2000 and MT3000 coveralls are all made of this material, we recommended use for

  • Asbestos inspection and removal
  • Site preparation, insulation.
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Grinding & Polishing
  • Pharmaceutical processing and handling of toxic powders
  • Light Industrial Cleaning
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Paint Spraying & Powder coating
  • Coating & resin applications
  • Crime scene investigation

Microporous Material

seam Types

4 Types of Seams of Protective Clothing

1. Serged or Stitched Seam

In this method, two fabric components are brought together and a simple overlock stitch holds them together. But it leaves needle holes in the seam, through which liquids or dust can penetrate. And needle holes will tend to open up under stress, so an ill-fitting garment can result in more stress on seams and a greater likelihood of contamination.

2. Bound Seam

It is an upgrade of a stitched seam. An additional strip of fabric is wrapped around the edges of two pieces of fabric, then stitched in place. It adds seam strength and reduces the tendency to allow penetration. But, it remains a stitched seam with needle holes, so still recommended to use it for low-hazard chemical protection.

3. Ultrasonic Welded Seam

Two pieces of fabric are brought together, and ultrasonic generates heat which melts and welds the two pieces together. It needs skilled workers to adjust melting and welding temperatures so that over-welded can be avoided. But the sealing can be very strong if welded properly.

This type is very popular in disposable medical clothing, such as disposable surgical gowns.

4. Stitched & Taped Seam

Required for all garments for higher hazard chemical protection (Type 1 to 4).

The seam is first stitched and then an impervious tape is applied over the seam and sealed in place by ultrasonic heat-welding. It provides a fully sealed seam, impervious to penetration as the tape seals all stitching holes.

This is the best sealing in protective clothing production, especially in EN14126 coveralls.

3 Thread Overlock Vs 4 thread overlock?

3 Thread Overlock
4 Thread Overlock

Compared with 4 threads, 3-thread sewed clothing has longer needle pitches and seams are more easily broken under stress. So, nowadays more and more factories have upgraded their sewing machine to 4 threads. For those who go further, some already put 5-thread sewing machines on production.

What is Type 4 5 6 & EN14126

CE Test Standards of Protective Coverall

CE mark affixed to PPE will provide evidence of compliance with that product applicable to EU legislation. It indicates risk categories of which PPE is intended to protect users. And Type 4, Type 5, Type 6 and EN14126 are the most popular CE standards that our customers inquired about in the past few years.

relevant products

Type 5 6 & EN14126 Coverall

•  Microporous fabric made
•  No shoulder seams.
•  Double-layer flap.
•  Elasticated wrists and ankles.
•  Tear-resistant crotch design.
•  Very good resistance to tearing and liquid penetration.

Type 4 5 6 & EN14126

•  Microporous fabric made.
•  No shoulder seams.
•  Double-layer flap.
•  Elasticated wrists and ankles.
•  Tear-resistant crotch design.
•  Sealed seams to improve resistance to liquids.
•  3-piece hood for a better fit.

All Series

All Series of Protective Clothing

Wholesale coveralls more than 50,000 pieces each month, here are the coveralls that customers bought the most:

1. Coveralls

PP Coveralls
SMS Coveralls
Microporous Coveralls

2. Medical Related Clothing

Isolation Gowns (Non-surgical)
Surgical Gowns
Lab Coat
CPE Gown

3. Other Clothing

Rain Poncho
Restaurant Bibs

Frequently asked questions

No problem. But as you can see, we have many types of coverall. Please also inform your specific details, what material or style, and where you will use it, so that we can recommend the most suitable coverall for you.

Price mainly depends on your specific needs, because materials, sizes, quantities and many other factors can affect it. If you can tell us in which working environment you will wear the coverall, then we will be able to offer you a professional solution and quote.

Our coverall MOQ is 5,000 pieces. Most of the orders are customized, so the MOQ is set according to the minimum order quantity of the fabric.

Yes, samples are available. But, it would facilitate us to provide proper samples for you if we confirm the product details first, such as the price, testing standards, procedures, or even the institution name?

For bulk orders, the lead time is 25-35 days. The arrival time depends on your shipping method and destination. It usually takes 25-30 days to arrive in the Middle East, USA and EU by sea.

Our current payment term is TT (50% deposit before production, 50% before shipment). Other payment terms, like L/C, are also available, you can talk to our sales team for more details.

Yes, we provide custom service. Here are the instructions.
1. Logo on the size label.
2. Add a sticker on the chest.
3. A4 specification card with logo printing.
4. Inner pack with the logo.
5. Logo printing on cartons.

Generally speaking, we have no stock. All production schedules follow customers’ order requests. So, is this an urgent purchasing or you have another reason?

Sorry, we can’t produce Tyvek coveralls, it requires official authorization of Dupond. But our microporous coverall is similar to Tyvek, it is the most popular Tyvek economical substitute in the market

Sorry, we can’t produce Tyvek coveralls, it requires official authorization of Dupond. But our microporous coverall is similar to Tyvek, it is the most popular Tyvek economical substitute in the market

It is our 40-65 gsm microporous white coverall, hooded, zipper closure with flap, with elastic cuffs, ankles and back waist.

If you found problems with the products you received, please record them through photos or videos. And contact us as soon as possible. We will find the cause of the problem within 24 hours and provide you with solutions to solve it.


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It is the best provider I have ever worked with. Professional and totally personalized treatment. The quality of their products is impressive. They really care about their customers. I will continue to work with them in whatever way I can
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The whole order process was great. Some teething issues with the product, but very well resolved together as a team. Quality is good and small issues have been resolved in 2nd order. 10/10 service, Thank you Sunny Sun, for all the help and ensuring the best service is provided.
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This company is very good at communication and we are happy with the way the transaction went. it was smooth without any hassle. Their customer service is definitely a grade A in my book.
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we are working with this company for a long time and we are very satisfied with the service and the product quality. we are very happy to work with them.
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Karen was very willing to help, knowledgeable and always on top of it with speed and curtesy. My SAMPLES arrived quickly. I would definitely recommend and do business with her & the company.
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We are very pleased with the level of service and communication is excellent. We received our first shipment and everything was perfect.
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it's very important to know that this supplier is more than willing go along way toward your satisfaction on purchasing process. we are overly thankful about their great approach to process. you can prefer their products by inner peace. they are also closely associated with post sale follow up.
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The coveralls have very good quality. The shipping was on time and the most important for us...the staff is very friendly.
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highly appreciated for services, very professional, and friendly support always ready for help, high quality product worth of buying.

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