Differences between disposable medical gowns

Many customers do not know how to choose disposable gowns for their clients, cause they usually don't even know the differences between those common gowns. So today I'm gonna tell you the differences between them.
We can divide those gowns into two big categories: surgical gown and isolation gown.
—— Surgical gown: Mainly used during surgical operations or some sterile medical procedures.
—— Isolation gown: Can be used by visitors/patients/nurses/doctors, usually is only for normal isolation during visiting, nursing, medical examination or some kinds of treatment.
Here are the main differences,
1. Material
—— Surgical gown:  SMS/SMMS/SMMMS, weight ≥35g/m². Wood pulp spunlace material is also available, but it is much more expensive than the other types.
—— Isolation gown: PP/SMS/PP+PE, weight ≤35g/m².

                           PP                                                 SMS                                             Spunlace Fabric

Disposable surgical material.jpg

2.  Collar 

—— Surgical gown: Hook&loop (velcro) collar

spunlace surgical gown03.jpg

—— Isolation gown: Tie-on collar

SMS isolation gown03.jpg

3. Sleeves

——Surgical gown: Long sleeves only, with knitted cuffs

spunlace surgical gown02.jpg

——Isolation gown: Half sleeves or long sleeves, with elastic cuffs

SMS isolation gown02.jpg

4. Waist                

——Surgical gown: 4 ties (inside-2 ties, outside-2 ties)


——Isolation gown: two ties only

SMS isolation gown04.jpg

5. Packing

——Surgical gown: Must be sterilized,  individual paper plastic bag packing is the common packing.

——Isolation gown: Sterilization is not necessary, usually 5-10 pieces packed in one PE bag.


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