General description of our disposable lab coats



MORNTRIP ®  disposable lab coat


Disposable lab coats or jackets are quickly gaining in popularity, especially in demanding environments like clinical laboratories where personal protection is required.


1. Material: lab coats are usually made of PP  or SMS non woven fabric. SMS has the better waterproof  effect and softer than PP material. If need higher protection, microporous material is also another good option.  

                                  PP                                                                       SMSPP SMS.jpg           

2. Details

  • Collar: Two Choices

          1. Shirt collar


            2. Knitted collar

  Disposable Lab Coat Knitted Collar.jpg

  • Cuffs: Three choices

           1. Open cuffs (just simple cutting)

open cuffs.jpg

             2. Elactic cuffs

SMS isolation gown02.jpg

            3. Knitted cuffs

spunlace surgical gown02.jpg

  •   Closure: Three choices

            1. Press-button

 lab coat press button.jpg  

            2. Zipper

lab coat zipper.jpg

  • Style

         1. Long style (you can decide to keep the pockets or not)lab coat with pockets.jpg

        2. Short style

lab coat no pocket.jpg