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  • Feb
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  • Aug
    [Morntrip Deals] Morntrip SuperSeptember Deals of 2021

    Alibaba SuperSeptember of 2021, Sep 4 to 30th, Better Deals just in time. Various Discounts, Coupons will be released. We will also be offering On-time Dispatch Guarantee and Shipping Fee Waiver.Welcome to visit our store, get the latest offers for #masks, #protectiveclothing, #gloves, #hospitalbeds

  • Aug
    [Morntrip News] 2021 Morntrip opening ceremony - a new journey for us.

    Morntrip just moved into a new office, which is triple as our former office. The opening ceremony was held on July 30th. Thanks for all the greetings from our partners and friends.Now Morntrip has embarked on a new journey, we are building new teams and developing new businesses. More medical and pr

  • Jul
    [About Products] My target price is 0.007USD per piece for a face mask, is it possible(3)?

    In the last two articles, we talked about what tricks bad vendors would do to make 0.007USD/pc possible. Today, let’s discuss those stocked masks. Many stocked masks can be sold at an extremely low price, but if we dig deeper there are many things we need to concern about. What are the causes of th

  • Jul
    [Morntrip Expo] Shenzhen International Medical Protective Supplies Exhibition

    The 2021 Shenzhen International Medical Protective Supplies Exhibition will run from August 18 to 20. Morntrip will be exhibiting our competitive medical masks, n95 masks, nitrile gloves, coveralls and other protective equipment.Sincerely, customers are welcome to visit us at Booth H083.Exhibiting T

  • Jul
    [About Products] Face mask application scenario? Product standards? What's the connection?

    In order to help mask users cope with different risky operation scenarios, countries have strict regulations on the production standards of masks.

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