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  • How importers can identify a proper Chinese medical mask supplier? - Article 1

    Refer to the survey done by NewFortune in February,2020, there were more than 4689 face mask manufacturers registered in China, and they can produce over 20 million masks every day. Those were only the data before the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak massively in the world. For now, we believe the data pr

  • Why can Chinese manufacturers meet the huge demand for surgical masks?

    Because the Chinese manufacturer's surgical mask production line is perfect. Because Chinese manufacturers have enough production materials. Because many Chinese manufacturers switch to produce surgical masks.

  • When wearing a mask, will the earloops breaking, skin itching, or ear pain situation happen?

    Because of the outbreak of the epidemic, surgical masks have become an essential daily necessity in people's lives. Studies have shown that surgical masks can effectively prevent the novel coronavirus from entering the body, thereby protecting your health. Therefore, it is advising people to wear surgical masks when being in public, or staying in crowded places. However, people find that some problems may occur while wearing surgical masks, such as earloops break, skin itching, ear pain, and so on... Why do these problems occur? How can we solve these problems? This article will give you the answers.

  • What is the role of surgical mask in preventing virus infection?

    Because the city of Wuhan has an indelible memory of COVID-19, even if the epidemic has passed for nearly a year, more than 90% of people still wear surgical masks in public places. Unexpectedly, data show that the number of people infected with the epidemic in Wuhan in the third quarter fell by 75% compared with the same period last year and hand-foot-mouth disease decreased by 96% compared with the same period last year. An important reason for the sharp decrease in the number of influenza cases is that residents wear surgical masks. What role do masks play in preventing epidemic infections? Why is it so effective?

  • How to choose the right surgical mask?

    A surgical mask, as a tool that can effectively prevent viruses, is now inseparable from people's lives. Because of the large demand for surgical masks, there are many types of masks on the market. Many people are worried about buying inferior surgical masks. It’s one thing to waste money on buying inferior masks. But the worst thing is that inferior masks have poor protection. This article will teach you some useful tips to choose high-quality surgical masks.

  • How medical masks are made?

    At present, the hottest product should be surgical masks, right? I believe you should have a lot of questions about the mask product. The question that the editor brings today is how the mask is made? Next, let us take a look!

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