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  • Oct
    How to choose the suitable surgical mask?

    Many people may know that most of the surgical masks on the market are made of 3 ply non-woven fabric. But rarely can people tell if the mask is good or not. In this article we will tell you a few tips to choose a good face mask.1. Meltblown Fabric – Middle Layer When we talk about surgical mask mat

  • Aug
    A Must-Know Guide for Respirators

    Respirators are an invaluable weapon in protection against hazards caused by airborne contaminants. But before you go and waste your money on randomly chosen respirator masks, it's important to get familiar with their various types and designation.TYPES TO CONSIDERThere are different types of respir

  • Aug
    7 Things You Must Know to Choose the Right Mask

    Using the wrong face mask not only gives a false sense of security, but may also put your life at risk. Learn to pick the face mask that is right for you in this article.Some common face masks available in stores may not provide sufficient protection against haze particles. Every face mask is constr

  • Aug
    What is Ultrasonic Welding? What are the advantages of Ultrasonic Welding?

    One or more thermoplastic materials are connected to one another in the joining area during timed ultrasonic welding.Ultrasonic welding is found everywhere where thermoplastics are used and strict demands are placed on the method of joining. Compared with other welding methods, ultrasonic welding is

  • Aug
    Ultrasonic Welding - an economical way to have your logo stamped on medical mask

    ULTRASONIC EMBOSSINGDuring ultrasonic embossing, individual texts or logos can be “stamped”, for example on artificial leather or corsetry, with little force. In ultrasonic embossing, the anvil acts as a stamp. The sonotrode presses the material that has been heated by ultrasound, onto the stamp, so

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