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  • Jan
    How medical masks are made?

    At present, the hottest product should be surgical masks, right? I believe you should have a lot of questions about the mask product. The question that the editor brings today is how the mask is made? Next, let us take a look!

  • Nov
    [About Products] How importers can identify a proper Chinese medical mask supplier? - Article 1

    Refer to the survey done by NewFortune in February,2020, there were more than 4689 face mask manufacturers registered in China, and they can produce over 20 million masks every day.

  • Nov
    The protection mechanism of masks

    1. Interception/sieve effect: Particles larger than the pore size of the filter material are usually directly intercepted on the surface of the filter material.2. Inertial effect: When the particle mass is large or the speed is faster, and when the streamline turns through the tortuous hole of

  • Nov
    What's the difference between a surgical mask and an N95 mask?

    A surgical mask"When we talk about face coverings, there are the surgical masks I wear in the hospital to protect patients from my own germs and avoid any splashes," said Gupta, who works as a neurosurgeon.

  • Oct
    Online Canton Fair 2020-10-15 to 2020-10-16

    Glad to be invited by to exhibt on Canton Fair.We will be on line exhibting our best selling epidemic protective products in the next 10 days. If you are interested in this type of products, leave a comment below or scan the QR code below to attend our exhibtion, our sales team wil

  • Oct
    Congratulations. Morntrip brand finally got Registered in EU.

    Combined with“MORN"&“TRIP”,MORNTRIP is translated from a Chinese ancientpoem,original meaning is“leave at dawn”, what we want to express is that ourthoughts and actions must be one step ahead of others.As a young brand,Morntrip has being operated only for 5years, but we could saywe areahead of other

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