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  • May
    Things You Must Know About CE Test Standards for Protective Clothing

    Things You Must Know About CE Test Standards for Protective Clothing According to European Commission, Regulation(EU)2016/425 covers the design, manufacture and marketing of PPE. It defines legal obligations to ensure PPE on the EU internal market provides the highest level of protection against ris

  • Apr
    4 Types of Seams Used in Protective Clothing Production

    Suitable only for low hazard chemical protection such as disposable coverall and disposable scrub suit. This is the standard method of stitching seams together for garments. The two fabric components are brought together and a simple overlock stitch holds them together. This type leaves needle holes in the seam, through which liquids or dusts can penetrate. The holes will tend to open up under stress, so an ill fitting garment can result in more stress on seams and a greater likelihood of contamination.

  • Apr
    How to Choose Isolation Gown

    Isolation Gown、How to Choose Isolation GownGowns are part of the personal protective equipment used in health care settings. They protect the wearer from the spread of infection and illness in the case of contact with potentially infectious liquid and solid material.Isolation gowns are personal prot

  • Apr
    Key Points of Medical Golves

    Key Points of Medical GlovesAbout Medical GlovesMedical gloves are an indispensable member of personal protective equipment, used to protect the wearer and/or patient from the spread of infection or disease during medical procedures and examinations.Wearing medical gloves are part of an infection co

  • Apr
    Which Kind of Material Should We Choose

    PP non-woven, also known as spun-bond non-woven, is the most commonly used material in both medical, hygiene, and safety protection industries. PP-made coverall has soft, lightweight, breathable, and economical features, it is an excellent economic solution for protection against non-hazardous, liquids and dust.

  • Apr
    How to Wear a Respirator

    Respirators are good PPE that is used to protect the wearer from airborne particles. Many people know the important role of respirtors in protection, but they often overlook the correct way to wear respirators.

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