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NEWS For Medical Mask And So On 
  • Jun
    Why is there a difference between medical and non-medical masks on the market?

    Let's start with two stories. “In the United States, there was a case in which a customer bought a large amount of non-medical masks, changed the packaging and sold them to the hospital as medical masks. Later, the hospital discovered a problem and the incident was exposed and the customer was take

  • Jun
    Cool Qmax Value– Assess the Surface Cool Sensations of Fabrics

    Cool Qmax Value– Assess the Surface Cool Sensations of FabricsThe Morntrip recently launched a new type of mask---Japan's hottest cooling mask. Cool sensation is called "instant cool sensation in contact", and its principle is to transfer the temperature from high temperature to low temperature thro

  • Jun
    How does the disposable gloves factory produce gloves?

    How does the disposable glove factory produce gloves?We have all seen disposable gloves, and many people have used them. The advantages of disposable gloves are not only extreme convenience, but thinness is also its most significant point. Disposable gloves are incredibly thin, elastic, abrasion-res

  • May
    Which latex gloves or nitrile gloves is more suitable for the food industry?

    Which latex glove or nitrile glove is more suitable for the food industry?There are two types of food-grade disposable gloves on the market: nitrile gloves and natural latex gloves.Due to the application of different materials, these two types of gloves have different characteristics. So in the food

  • May
    Coverall Production Line & Our Advantages

    1. Xiantao Production Base While the old production base has been used for more than 20 years, most of our production moved to the 50,000 square meters new production base at the end of 2017. This new production base produced billions of masks and millions of protective clothing for virus preventio

  • May
    Microporous Vs DuPont Tyvek Coverall

    Microporous non woven fabric, a Tyvek alternate fabric. Created in 1944 by DuPont, Tyvek is a brand of flash-spun high-density polyethylene fibers, synthetic material. For operators mandated to wear limited-use protective garments to guard against exposure to particulates, liquids, and airborne path

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