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NEWS For Medical Mask And So On 
  • Jul
    [About Products] 【YES! CE Marking Is Required】

    In the EU, masks are divided into medical masks and respirators (non-medical) according to their intended use.【Medical masks】need to comply with the medical device regulations EU2017/745 (MDR) or the medical device directive 93/42/EEC (MDD). Medical non-sterile masks can be sold by the manufacturer

  • Jul
    [About Products] FDA 510K? Is it necessary?

    【Medical Mask】The US regulatory agency for medical masks is the FDA. There are three classification codes for masks in the FDA system: FXX, OUK & ORW. They all belong to rule 878.4040, and they all need to apply for FDA 510K approval. Since the product code ORW is used for N95 respirators, the produ

  • Jul
    [About Products] My target price is 0.007USD per piece for a face mask, is it possible? (2)

    In the last article, we talked about what tricks bad vendors would do on face mask materials to cut corners. Today, it is about production and packing. Production MachineAdd alt textWith technology iterating, most of the large-scale face mask manufacturers like us have adopted automatic face mask pr

  • Jul
    [About Products] My target price is 0.007USD per piece for a face mask, is it possible? (1)

    They are all masks, why do some sell two yuan and some sell five yuan? To find out the reason, let’s take a look at the mask's raw materials and production process. 1. Raw materials of masksAbout raw material of masks, we all know it is polypropylene. In China, well-known polypropylene suppliers are

  • Jul
    3 Printed Mask Fabric Choices You Have to Know

    Usually there are 3 type fabric are optional when produce printing disposable face mask.They are PP non-woven fabric, Long-fiber polyester non-woven fabric and spunlace nonwoven fabric. Morntrip can help you customize printed masks of different materials and designs to meet your different individua

  • Jul
    [New Listing] Why this mask suddenly became best-selling in Japan?

    Wearing a mask before going outside has somehow become a daily thing for everyone now, just like bring our wallet, keys and phone. However, wearing a mask in the summer is like stay in front of a fireplace. The hot feeling may even affect our rhythm of breathing, especially when we are climbing the stai

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