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Morntrip offers tailored medical gown solutions with our extensive manufacturing experience and efficient supply chain. 

Dust-free production

Morntrip medical gown factory

Medical Gown Production Line

100,000-level air cleanliness standard production environment, ISO 13485 certified, meets the production needs of medical gowns. CE certified, ensuring the gowns’ entry into the EU market and globally.

Lab For Medical Gown Testing

Morntrip Physical and Chemical Laboratory

Physical and chemical laboratory monitors every production stage of the gowns, ensuring product performance meets customer requirements, addressing potential issues early, and guaranteeing on-time delivery with assured quality and quantity.

Various Medical Gowns

Morntrip offers a diverse selection of high-quality gowns, tailored to meet the stringent demands of healthcare and various other industries.


Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns manufacture from PP, SMS, and PE-coated fabrics, providing excellent protection against microorganisms and body fluids in various healthcare settings.


Surgical Gowns

Designed for various medical procedures, our surgical gowns comply with strict EU and US standards. They ensure maximum protection and sterility for both patients and medical staff.


CPE Gowns

We supplied large quantities of CPE gowns worldwide during the pandemic. These affordable gowns offer excellent fluid resistance, making them ideal for general protection.

HDPE apron ppe clothing manufacturer

Plastic Aprons

Aprons provide a reliable barrier against contaminants, can be used in both medical and non-medical settings. Ideal for food processing, cleaning, and healthcare applications.

Medical Gowns Protection Levels

Our production capabilities include Level 1 to Level 4 medical gowns. Gowns can be selected based on the specific requirements and use cases mentioned, ensuring appropriate protection for every situation.

PP+PE isolation gown

Level 1 & Level 2 gowns


Suitable for the following situations:


  • Level 1: Provides minimal protection, ideal for basic care, standard isolation, and visitor cover gowns.
  • Level 2: Offers low to moderate protection, suitable for blood draws, suturing, ICU work, and pathology labs.

Level 3 & Level 4 Gowns

For surgical or invasive procedures, higher protection levels are recommended:


  • Level 3: Moderate protection, suitable for invasive procedures such as arterial blood draws, IV line insertion, ER work, and trauma cases.
  • Level 4: Highest protection for long, fluid-intensive procedures, surgery, pathogen resistance, or suspected infectious diseases.

Flexible Medical Gown Supply

Our capabilities extend to small-scale e-commerce sellers, wholesalers, distributors, medical groups, and government tenders.

Medical Tenders

Medical gown Tenders
Medical group companies - medical gowns

Medical Group Companies

Distributors & Wholesalers

medical supplies-Distributors & Wholesalers
How we help PPE Customers Grow


Medical Gowns One-stop Service

Our custom solutions ensure you get the right medical gowns tailored to your specific requirements. Here’s our streamlined process:

1.Requirements Assessment - PPE Clothing

1. Requirements Assessment

Clients submit their detailed medical gown requirements via our online form.


2. Product Selection

Review the requests, discuss with clients, and then offer custom solutions based on that.

3. Quotation & Details - PPE Clothing

3. Quotation & Details

After the client approves a custom solution, we provide an initial quotation.


4. Sample Production

Prepare medical gown samples according to the confirmed plan.

5. Feedback & Adjustment - PPE Clothing

5. Feedback & Adjustments

Customers evaluate the samples, and provide feedback. We make necessary adjustments.

6. Bulk Order Placement​ - PPE Clothing

6. Bulk Order Placement

Once all details are finalized, clients can place their bulk medical gown orders to us.

Trusted Medical Gown Buyers

Strong relationships with medical brands and groups across various industries.

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