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FAQ For Face Mask Disposable and so on


We are face mask disposable supplier founded in 1998, our factory located in Xiantao city, the most famous place of non-woven industry in China. our products have surgical face mask disposable, medical face mask disposable, etc.

  • Can I get a sample before ordering?

    Yes, we can provide sample services.

  • Can you provide test reports for face masks?

    Yes, our face masks have been tested under EN14683 and YY/T 0969-2013 standards.

  • What certificates do you have?

    Besides Chinese production license of medical device, we’ve got CE, ISO 13485 and FDA certificates.

  • Do you have face masks or protective clothing in stock?

    We have no products in stock most of the time. Usually, our products will be delivered to our customer right after production.

  • What's your lead time of face mask orders?

    Normally, face mask lead time is 10 days for 1 million pieces.

  • What's your weekly production capacity of face mask?

    Our max production capacity of face mask is 17.5 million pieces.
  • What’s your advantages compare to other face mask suppliers?

    First, we are certified with CE, ISO 13485 and FDA. Second, we are on Chinese government’s white lists for exporting both medical and non-medical use masks. Third, our surgical mask got authorized by Canada government. Most importantly, we produce melt-blown fabric and other materials by ourselves, so we can fully control the costs and lead time.

  • What’s the relationship between Morntrip and Xiantao Tongda?

    We Morntrip is a subsidiary of Xiantao Tongda. Tongda is the production base in Xiantao city, while Morntrip is the international sales depart in Wuhan city.


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