Why this mask suddenly became best-selling in Japan?
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Why this mask suddenly became best-selling in Japan?

Views: 220     Author: Johnny Wu     Publish Time: 2021-07-01      Origin: Morntrip

Wearing a mask to going outside has somehow become a daily thing for everyone now, just like bring our wallet, keys and phone.

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However, wearing a mask in the summer is like stay in front of a fireplace. The hot feeling may even affect our rhythm of breathing, especially when we are climbing the stairs or doing some heavy duties.



Do you know how the Japanese solve that problem? They invented an instant cooling/cool mask, and it has become a trending mask in Japan now. Today, we are introducing this mask for you.



1. How to understand instant cooling?


Instant cooling means we can feel cool at the moment the mask touches our skin. As time goes by, mask will absorb heat, till it close to the environment temperature. We suggest customers store the masks in a low-temperature area, like a freezer, so that we can obtain coolest feeling.


2. How to value the cool touch feeling?


Q-max value (watts/m2°C) is used to assess the surface cool sensation of a garment fabric and indicates the instantaneous thermal feeling sensed when there is initial contact of the material with the skin surface. A higher value of Q-max denotes that there is more rapid movement of heat from the body to the fabric surface, which let us feel cooler.



3. Can we feel cool all the time while wearing this type of cool mask?


As we explained, the mask will absorb heat, so we will not be able to feel cool when it close to our face temperature. Since the fabric can speed up heat transfer from our face to the environment, wearing a cool mask is still cooler than a common mask in summer.


4. Will cooling masks become hot selling in the near future?


Less than 5 sellers are selling this type of mask on Taobao, the largest online shopping APP in China. If search on Google, we can hardly find any useful information about this mask. Based on our own experience, customers who ordered cool masks from us are mainly Japanese, and they mainly selling offline. So, the cool mask market is still a blue ocean, very worth of trying.


Customers interested in cool masks, make a comment below, our sales will offer more information for you. Follow us, we will update an article about how cool masks are produced later.


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