The protection mechanism of masks
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The protection mechanism of masks

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Mask filtration mechanisms

1.    Interception/sieve effect: Particles larger than the pore size of the filter material are usually directly intercepted on the surface of the filter material.

2.    Inertial effect: When the particle mass is large or the speed is faster, and when the streamline turns through the tortuous hole of the filter material, the particles are too late to follow the streamline and bypass the fiber due to inertia, so they leave the streamline and hit the fiber and deposit.

3.    Diffusion effect: Aerosol particles smaller than 0.3μm can rely on Brownian motion to reach the fiber surface and be deposited

4.    Electrostatic effect: Fibers and particles may be charged due to various reasons, and the particles are attracted by static electricity. Among them, the electrostatic electret technology is used to charge the filter material, which can make the filter material carry a permanent charge and not easy to lose.

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