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Our 3 ply disposable medical/surgical masks approved SGS EN14683 and ASTM F2100 medical tests. We are an export white list factory and certified with CE, ISO13485, so that our face masks can be exported to both EU and US markets.

Which Surgical Mask Is Good Quality?  

Professional Surgical Mask Manufacturer Tell You
Many may know that most of the surgical masks on the market are made of 3 ply non-woven fabric. But rarely can people tell if the mask is good-quality or not. In this article, we will talk about a few tips to help you tell the good from the bad.

1. A Good Quality Mask Must Has A Melt-blown Filter Layer

When we talk about surgical mask material, the melt-blown fabric is always the core. It is the middle layer of the mask, has electrostatic adsorption function, can filter particles, bacterial and viruses.


But not all the masks on the market have melt-blown material in the middle, bad factories may replace it with normal PP nonwoven fabric. Masks without melt-blown fabric, can not filter bacterial and viruses, which is too dangerous to be worn in medical places. So how can we tell if the mask has melt-blown material or not?


 Meltblown is softer than common PP non-woven fabric, the texture is very different from PP fabric.

 Meltblown fabric feels like soft facial tissue, it can be much easier to be torn up than other types of non-woven fabric.

 Meltblown is flame-resistant, it will melt but not burn when you try to light it up. 


2.  Made Of 100% New Material


Instead of using new material, many small factories would use recycled leftover fabrics in mask production to maximize the benefits. Recycled material usually has calcium carbonate in it, more likely to cause allergies.

But, it's not hard to distinguish,


 Recycled fabric is rough and uneven in texture, while new material feels softer. 

 Some recycled fabric even has grainy touch, because too much calcium carbonate has been added into it.

 Recycled fabric made masks are more likely to has an unpleasant smell.


3. Better To Be Welded By Machine


Since the virus breakout in 2020, large amount of manual welded face masks suddenly popping up on the market. Those masks are usually made by garment factories, usually do not have professional mask production lines. Reasons we do not suggest to buy manual welded masks are as follows,


Manual work can not reach the accuracy as machine does. Check the manual welded spot in the picture, the attached area is too small to bear the pressure when users stretche the earloops. That's why so many bad reviews on eBay and Amazon were complaining the earloops can be easily torn apart from the face masks. 


 The other reason is hygiene. Manual welding means workers will touch every mask one by one, so it's not easy to keep the masks clean. 


4. Manufacturer Background


To ensure product quality and make sure masks can be transferred to your country, it's better to do some background research about the sellers. 

 In China, only white list factories can export medical masks.
 Manufacturers must get a medical device production license or similar certificate, such as ISO13485.
 Must check medical mask certificates and test reports, like CE, FDA 510K, EN14683 test, ASTM F2100 test...
 If possible, a video factory tour will be perfect.

How to Wear A Medical Mask?     

Things we should do or know before put on the surgical mask:

  Wash your hands properly under flowing water

  Make sure there are no tears or holes on either side of the mask before using.

  Better be used once and then thrown in the trash.

  Remove and replace the masks when they become moist.

  Better to be replaced every 4 hours if need continuous wearing.


How to put it on:

  Hold the mask by the ear loops. Place a loop around each ear.

  Mold the nosepiece to the shape of your nose.

  Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin.


Where Will Surgical Mask be Used?    

Medical, surgical, hospital, operation face mask only means the face masks are produced under certain medical or surgical standards, it does not mean they can only be worn in hospital for medical or surgical use, we can also wear them for daily protection.


Now the virus threat is still very serious in the world, we suggest everyone wear a mask in crowed areas, such as subway, bus, school or other crowed public places. No matter it is non-medical mask or medical surgical mask, it helps a lot to against droplets, bacterial and virus.


But if we are going to hospitals or other medical institutions, we’d better wear a surgical mask. For EU customers, we suggest Morntrip EN 14683 TypeⅡR medical mask, which has the highest protection level among similar masks.

Why Choose MORNTRIP Surgical Mask?   

Morntrip surgical masks made of 100% new material. Recycled material will not be accepted in mask production.




As a 20 years‘ experienced surgical mask manufacturer, our face mask production is highly mechanically automated, which well avoid man-made pollution on the masks.



Since we produce melt blown material, spun bond material, nose bridge and earloop all by ourselves, we can fully control the whole mask supply chain. So our mask quality and cost control is better than peers.

Max output can reach 4 million pieces daily, huge support for large amount of purchasing.





Our surgical mask has been tested under both CN and EU standards, such as EN14683-2019, GB/T 32610-2016, YY/T 0969-2013…




Our factory has been certified under medical device in both China and EU. Apart from CFDA and ISO 13485, we also got Free Sales Certificate for South America market.



During the virus outbroke in 2020, our surgical mask has been listed on China government white list, which is a requirement for mask exporting.



In March 2020, our surgical mask has been listed by Canada government on their list of authorized medical devices.



Surgical Mask Certifications   

certificate7 certificate8 certificate6 certificate5 certificate4 certificate3 certificate1 certificate2

Endorsements From Government 

With such advantages, we were chosen to manufacture masks for local government during the virus outbreak. Both non-medical and medical masks are Listed on CCCM HPIE's white list, which gave us the right to export masks to the whole world. Our main products including surgical face mask, hospital surgical mask, disposable surgical mask, medical-surgical mask, earloop surgical mask, kids surgical mask, etc.

FAQ for Surgical Mask 

Continuously Updated Surgical Mask News 

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