My target price is 0.007USD per piece for a face mask, is it possible(3)?
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My target price is 0.007USD per piece for a face mask, is it possible(3)?

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In the last two articles, we talked about what tricks bad vendors would do to make 0.007USD/pc possible. Today, let’s discuss those stocked masks. 

Many stocked masks can be sold at an extremely low price, but if we dig deeper there are many things we need to concern about. 


So, what are the causes of the inventory? 

1. Suppliers' product quality problem

Based on our experience, many stocked goods are defective. Customers can not accept the product problems, which keep them in stock in warehouses. 

2. Buyers' problems

1) Capital chain problem

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Every year, there would be customers who had to abandon their mask orders, because of capital problems. Especially, we are still under the impact of COVID-19. 

2)Supply chain problem

Amazon raised a lot of restrictive measures for face masks sellers since COVID-19, which made a lot of customers give up their face mask business.

3) Market change problem

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We have seen masks depreciated, sharp price increased in international logistics and a lot of changes since 2020. All these changes can make customers change their purchasing plans.

Mask orders abandoned for the above reasons, may not have any quality problems. But those are probably customized orders, which means the masks may carry other brands.

3. Suppliers stocked up in advance 

Large mask factories like us usually schedule our mask production according to customers' order details. So, rarely would we consider preparing stock in advance.  

But many export companies would search for stocked masks everywhere in China, buy at a very low price, repack the masks. So, they can always have masks in stock and quote much lower.

Quote from Forrest Gump: Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Buying stocked face masks may be just like that, cause you can never guarantee the quality will be the one you expected.

If you have more questions about face mask price or face mask stock, leave a message below, please

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