My target price is 0.007USD per piece for a face mask, is it possible? (1)
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My target price is 0.007USD per piece for a face mask, is it possible? (1)

Views: 30     Author: Johnny Wu     Publish Time: 2021-07-14      Origin: Morntrip LinkedIn

Every now and then, there will be customers ask if 0.007USD/piece is possible to buy a face mask. Today, I will answer this question by analyzing every face mask production process. 

1. PP non-woven fabric production

Polypropylene granule

PP fabric is made from polypropylene granules. 100% new granules should be the only choice in mask production.

But many factories would choose recycled material instead to reduce the cost, which may affect our health.

triple spray-head non-woven production line

Morntrip refuses to use recycled material, and we have a triple spray-head non-woven production line, which can help us control the fabric quality from the source.

2. Face mask earloop

face mask Earloop length

70D and 4mm wide flat earloop are the most commonly used in the market.

In order to reduce the cost, bad vendors may choose cheaper 40D, some may even reduce the earloop length, which may cause ear pain and very likely to break while we wearing those types of masks.

3. Nose bridge

Face mask Nose bridge

The standard nose bridge is aluminum-plastic material, 9.5-11.5cm long.

Replace aluminum with iron or reduce the nose bridge length are common practices for bad vendors to reduce costs.

Generally speaking, by replacing good with bad, reducing the material amount/thickness/length, it is possible to make the face mask cost down to 0.007USD/piece. But those self-destructive reputation behavior are not normal business practices, we Morntrip do not agree with that. 

Follow us, we will talk about more details of cheap masks in the next article.

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