Microporous Vs DuPont Tyvek Coverall
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Microporous Vs DuPont Tyvek Coverall

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Microporous non woven fabric, a Tyvek alternate fabric.


Created in 1944 by DuPont, Tyvek is a brand of flash-spun high-density polyethylene fibers, synthetic material. For operators mandated to wear limited-use protective garments to guard against exposure to particulates, liquids, and airborne pathogens, Tyvek protective apparel was the staple in personal safety but it has one major downside - it is way too expensive.


Fortunately, microporous film was developed in 1987, it is a polypropylene membrane that is thermally laminated to a polypropylene nonwoven. The microporous size is smaller than a water drop and larger than moisture vapor, which can hold out liquid and blood penetration. Microporous fabric offers a good barrier to biological agents, chemicals, and other liquids and particles. So this material can be wildly used in disease prevention and industrial production. Its inner nonwoven side offers a soft feeling and provides a great wearing experience to the wearers.







Microporous film over spunbonded polypropylene

Widely utilized in medical, industrial, institutional, and service environments where anti-bacterial or waterproof barrier protection are required.

Durable, lint-free, anti-dust, anti-bacterial, waterproof, breathable, anti-static

DuPont Tyvek

High-density polyethylene fibers

Industrial safety, biological hazard protection, painting. Asbestos abatement or installing insulation. Manufacturing, automotive, and utilities.

Protects against small hazardous particles, such as lead, asbestos, and mold. Superior barrier protection against hazardous materials for industrial workers and more.


Microporous film material has a barrier coating to allow for the low filtration rate, but it is not very breathable. Tyvek however does breath to an extent, more than microporous, but in most situations, both of these materials will be hot to wear.


DuPont Tyvek apparel has an excellent balance of protection, comfort and durability. However, due to its expensive value, DuPont clothing appears to be extravagant in many disposable protection applications. Therefore, although microporous protection clothing is inferior to DuPont fabrics in aspects, like protection, comfort, and durability, its quality and price are much easier to accept, especially under the virus prevention crisis. For many, a microporous coverall can be a great alternate to a Tyvek coverall.

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