Key Points of Medical Golves
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Key Points of Medical Golves

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Key Points of Medical Gloves


About Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are an indispensable member of personal protective equipment, used to protect the wearer and/or patient from the spread of infection or disease during medical procedures and examinations.

Wearing medical gloves are part of an infection control strategy.

Medical gloves include examination gloves, surgical gloves, and medical gloves for handling chemotherapy agents (chemotherapy gloves).

When to use medical gloves

Wearing medical gloves can not only protect medical staff but also patients. For example, using medical gloves when your hands may touch someone else’s body fluids (such as blood, respiratory secretions, vomit, urine, or feces), certain hazardous drugs, or some potentially contaminated items. In addition, wearing medical gloves in some sterile scenarios can protect patients from getting infected by the bacterial or virus on operators’ hands. (such as configuration drugs, preparation for surgery, and so on...)

What you should do before using medical gloves

• Wash your hands before putting on sterile gloves.

• Make sure your gloves fit properly for you to wear comfortablyduring all patient care activities.

• If you or your patient is allergic to natural rubber latex, you should choose gloves made from other synthetic materials (such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nitrile, or polyurethane).

• Be aware that sharp objects can puncture medical gloves. Remain your nails to be short. Take off your jewelry, such as rings, watches...

• Always change your gloves if they rip or tear.

• After removing gloves, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.

• Never reuse medical gloves.

• Never wash or disinfect medical gloves.

• Never share medical gloves with other users.

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