How to choose the suitable surgical mask?
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How to choose the suitable surgical mask?

Views: 151     Author: Johnny Wu     Publish Time: 2020-10-13      Origin: Morntrip Operations Department

Many people may know that most of the surgical masks on the market are made of 3 ply non-woven fabric. But rarely can people tell if the mask is good or not. In this article, we will tell you a few tips to choose a good hospital level surgical mask.


1. Meltblown Fabric – Middle Layer 

When we talk about surgical mask material, meltblown fabric is always the core. It is in the middle layer of the masks, has electrostatic adsorption feature, can filter particles, bacterial and virus. 

But not all the masks on the market have meltblown material in the middle, some factories may replace it by normal PP nonwoven fabric. Masks without meltblown fabric in the middle, can not filter bacterial and virus, which is too dangerous to be worn in hospitals. So how can we tell apart if the mask has meltblown material in the middle or not?


  1. Meltblown is softer than common PP non-woven fabric and has a different texture.

  2. Meltblown fabric feels just like tissue, can be much easier to be tore up than other types of non-woven fabric.

  3. Meltblown is flame-resistant, it will melt not burnt when you try to light it up. 


2. Nonwoven Fabric – Outer and Inner layer


Recycling leftover fabrics during production used to be a way to reduce wasting. Now it is more like a way of cheating, because many factories add calcium carbonate into recycled fabrics, to make the fabric thicker. It's not hard to distinguish that kind of material from new material,


  1. Recycled fabric is rough and uneven in texture, while new material feels the opposite way. 

  2. Some recycled fabric even has grainy touch, because too much calcium carbonate has been added to it.

  3. Recycled fabric made masks usually have an unpleasant smell.

3. Welded spot – where the earloop attached to the mask


Since the virus breakout in 2020, a large amount of manually welded face masks suddenly popped up on the market. Those masks are usually made by garment factories, which usually do not have professional face mask production lines. The reasons why we do not suggest manual welded masks are as follows,

  1. Manual work can not reach the accuracy as the machine does. Check the manual welded spot in the above picture, the attached area is too small to bear the pressure when the user stretches the earloops. That's probably the reason why so many bad reviews towards face masks on eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, and other B2C platforms, are about the earloops, said they are very easy to be torn apart from the masks. 

  2. The other reason is hygiene. Manual welding means workers will touch every mask one by one, so it's not easy to keep the masks clean.


4. Background check of the manufacturer


Nothing much to be specified on this, just watch the video below, and ask yourselves if you are willing to buy from them or not?


For more details about how to choose a proper medical mask supplier in China, please follow us or leave us a message.


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