How medical masks are made?
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How medical masks are made?

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At present, the hottest product should be surgical masks, right? I believe you should have a lot of questions about the mask product. The question that the editor brings today is how the mask is made? Next, let us take a look!


Here is the content list:

1. Manual spot welding to manufacture surgical masks

2. Automatic machine operational mechanism


1. Manual spot welding and manufacturing surgical masks

Manual spot welding of surgical masks is the most primitive method. In the absence of a machine, manually making surgical masks is a good way. When the output of surgical masks is not large, labor costs may be cheaper than buying a machine that can automatically generate masks. But the disadvantages of manual spot welding surgical masks are also very obvious. First of all, manual spot welding surgical masks are not hygienic because of touching repeatedly. Masks are protective equipment. If there is any problem on the production line, the protective function of the masks will be reduced or, lost. Then, the manual is not as precise as the machine. The defective rate of handmade masks is much higher than that of machine production. For example, in earloop spot welding, the manual can not control the time of earloop spot welding. The too high or too low temperature will cause the earloop to break easily.

The production of a mask includes the following processes: fabric generation, printing, embossing, welding of ear straps, edge banding, and packaging. A surgical mask is contradictory, you can say that it is a simple product and you can also say it is complicated.


2. Automatic machines working mechanism

The automatic mask machine consists of a surgical mask running machine, a conveyor belt, and an ear belt welding machine. The surgical mask running machine directly processes and shapes, non-woven fabric, and metal strip into mask pieces, and then transports them to the ear strap welding machine through a conveyor belt. Finally, the ear strap welding machine spot welds the ear straps on the surgical mask sheet. Due to the fast speed of the surgical mask running machine, it can drive multiple welding machines at the same time, so it can produce a large number of masks in a short time. The automatic surgical mask machine requires only a few people to debug and inspect the machine at the worksite, greatly improving production efficiency. Before and after the mask machine starts to work, people only need to clean and disinfect the machine to keep a sanitary conditions.


This is a mask knowledge series, teaching you how to choose a high-quality surgical mask.


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