How importers can identify a proper face mask supplier? - Article 1
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How importers can identify a proper face mask supplier? - Article 1

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Refer to the survey done by NewFortune in February,2020, there were more than 4689 face mask manufacturers registered in China, and they can produce over 20 million masks every day. Those were only the data before the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak massively in the world. For now, we believe the data probably tripled or even ten times larger than before. So, how could we identify a good manufacturer from such massive group? 

First, we must know which kind of company is allowed to trade or produce medical masks in China?


1. Business license

Medical mask is under supervision as type 2 medical devices in China, manufacturers or trading companies must specify on their licenses that their Business Scope includes producing or selling type 2 medical devices. 

We can try search suppliers' English company name on, most of the registered companies can be found on it. 

Morntrip- tianyancha

2. Medical Device Registration & Production License - Customers may need to know a little bit of Chinese.

Check place: China National Medical Products Administration 


According to the law and policies in China, manufacturers have to get the following two certificates to start medical face mask production.

 1). Medical Face Mask Registration (Manufacturers)

Morntrip - Medical Device Registration

 2). Medical Device Production License (Manufacturers)

Morntrip - Medical Device Production License

To trade medical face mask, all non-productive companies should also be registered in the National Medical Products Administration.

3) Medical Device Operating Registration (Companies do not produce medical devices)

Morntrip - Medical Device Trade Registration

In short, how companies can operating medical masks in compliance in China? 

  1. For manufacturers, they should get:

  1. 1) Business license including production of type 2 medical devices.

  2. 2) Medical mask products registered

  3. 3) Got a production license of type 2 medical devices.


  2. For companies which do not produce medical devices(including manufacturers in other industries or just trading companies. )

  1. 1) Business license including operation of type 2 medical devices.

  2. 2) Got a Medical Device Operating Registration

If you want to check your suppliers' back ground, to see if they are compliant in China or not, please leave us a message below.

In the next article, we will share how to identify a good face mask supplier online. Coming Soon.


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