How does the disposable gloves factory produce gloves?
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How does the disposable gloves factory produce gloves?

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We have all seen disposable gloves, and many people have used them. The advantages of disposable gloves are not only extreme convenience, but thinness is also its most significant point. Disposable gloves are incredibly thin, elastic, abrasion-resistant, and other properties... How mature is its production process? Let's take a look together.


Disposable gloves are as thin as less than 1 mm (so the thickness of disposable gloves is calculated by weight). How to do this is ! This is impossible! Because there is no such thin material. Yet we have learned the production process of disposable gloves by the means of field inspections.

It turns out that the main part of the production process is a mechanical assembly line. The first step is to install hand models on the machine. The machine drives the hand models to the last step in a rotating manner. In this step process, the hand modes soak in different liquids. The angle, speed, depth, and time of the hand models entering the liquid are strictly controlled.

Workers only need to be at both ends of the entire assembly line. From the beginning, workers installed and inspected hand models and corresponding machines at the front end of the production line. At the end of the production line, the worker removes gloves from the hand models. After taking off the gloves, the workers have to inspect each glove. Some gloves have a coloring process before the gloves are packaged.

This is a complete set of glove production process.

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