4 Ply Active Carbon Face Mask
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4 Ply Active Carbon Face Mask

Model: MT-ME03 Material: 4 ply non woven(SBPP+active carbon+MBPP+SBPP) Color: Grey/Black Style: Earloop Elastic: Round/Flat Elastic Adult Size: 17.5×9.5cm Teenage Size: 14.5×9.5cm Kids Size: 12×7cm Standard Packing: 50pcs/box, 2000pcs/carton Application: Medical, daily use, household duties, cleaning, beauty, food industry and other industries.
  • MT-ME03
  • Morntrip

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Key Features of Morntrip Surgical Masks

4. Main-feature-of-Morntrip-Surgical-Mask

Morntrip Face Mask Details

1. Material

Morntrip surgical masks are made of brand new fabric, recycled fabric is not acceptable in our mask production.

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2. Welded spot

Our face mask production is highly mechanically automated, which well avoid man-made pollution on the masks. Our earloops are nicely welded with better strength than those manual welded masks.

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3. Earloops

Manual welded face masks usually got uneven lengths, because the accuracy is not easy to be handled by hand work. If the earloops are too long, then the face mask will be very loose to wear. If they are too short, there will be obvious pressure on the ear, which will cause pain. So set a standard earloop length will be very important. Morntrip face mask production is highly mechanically automated, once the earloop length data is set, all the masks will got the same standard length.

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Endorsements Morntrip Surgical Masks got 

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Customer Reviews

6. Customer Reviews-Morntrip-surgical-mask

Face Mask Test Reports

Morntrip face mask has been tested and certified by professional testing organization. 

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Company Certificates

Enought certificates for both export and import customs clearancing and selling.

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